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Door Handle Installation Tool

Door Handle Installation Tool


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Door Handle Installation Tool


Door Handle Installation Tool


 This Classic Lock Installation Kits include an adjustable guide template for easy and exact drilling with snap-lock arms for selecting door width and backset as well as two hole saws and an arbor with a pilot drill.

Main Features

Suitable Size --- Designed to fit the most common lock sizes in use today. Quickly create handle and lock openings for interior and exterior doors. 

Easy And Precise --- Adjustable guide template for easy and exact drilling with snap-lock arms for selecting door width and back panel.

High-quality Material ---
 hole saws made up of durable metal. Works well with wood doors. Fits all common door widths.

Straight-line Drilling ---
 The door lock kit delivers accurate height placement and straight drilling. The door lock kit can be clamped without other tools and will not cause surface damage to the door.


  • Adjustable guide template fits 1-3/8-inch and 1-3/4-inch thick doors.
  • Adjustable guide template fits 2-3/8-inch and 2-3/4-inch backplane.
  • Includes 1-inch and 2-1/8-inch carbon-steel hole saws and a D-type arbor with a pilot drill.

Lock Installation Kit Instructions

Step 1: Adjust the Guide Template
Set the door thickness and backset by pulling out the guide's arms and reinserting and snapping them to the desired size.

Step 2: Secure the Guide Template
Place the Guide Template on the door's edge at the desired latch height. Using the screws from the lockset secure the Guide Template to the door.

Step 3: Drill the Face Hole
Fasten the 2-1/8" hole saw to the arbor making sure the pilot drill extends 1/4" past the hole saw's teeth. Attach to the power drill. Align the hole saw with the large hole in the Guide Template and begin drilling. To prevent splintering, STOP drilling when the pilot drill breaks through the back of the door. Remove the hole saw and realign the hole saw on the other side of the door to complete drilling the hole.

Step 4: Drill the Latch Hole
Remove the 2-1/8" hole saw and replace it with a 1" hole saw. Make sure the pilot drill extends 1/4" past the teeth of the hole saw. Align the hole saw in the small hole on the Guide Template on the edge of the door. Drill the hole through to the large face hole.

Step 5: Install the Lockset
Remove the latch plate screws and the Guide Template from the door. Follow the instructions enclosed with your lockset to complete the installation of the lockset.

Customer Reviews

 My front door had swelled, so I had to tap this device on. I had to enlarge the hole the lock went through to accommodate a new lock. I am no carpenter, however, it was a breeze, the kit had the two-sized hole drill bits. Maybe not something a pro uses that installs for a living as far, but for this old man, it was all I needed.

Tom Glass

 First-time DIY solid wood door install. I did three bedrooms and one bathroom door with this device. Easy to use for a home project. I enjoyed the fact that the device had two holes in the side. Anyone can install a handle with this tool.

Waldo Emerson


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